Vri Nnoise: Surgeon operates the hand lines to change the fate

Friday, December 13, 2013

Surgeon operates the hand lines to change the fate

Takaaki Matsuoka, plastic surgeon performs operations to add lines on the palms of the hands and in that way, in his own words, to "change the fate of some people reading".
From 2011, Matsuoka has made some 30 such surgeries.

After reading magazines in Korea of the South that some patients came to beauty centers to apply for changed them the length of the line of life or the heart, he decided to start the treatment in Japan.

The procedure seems simple: with a laser, Matsuoka tries to draw similar lines that fit to the customer's requests.

Then, just wait a couple of weeks to see results.

Women, love, men, money

According to The Daily Beast, media released the story, most female consultations are to change the course of his life against love and marriage.

"If they don't have a line of marriage, means they will not remarry, so my job is to make one," said the surgeon.

For their part, men undergo treatment to change something less romantic: want money and fortune in business.

The problem beginning with surgeries is that Matsuoka knew nothing about palmistry, so it should study how to draw a line of life or love that would not be very artificial.

"I had to learn how is a line of marriage, where are located the fortune and the heart. It was a whole process", he scored.

But it works? According to Matsuoka, this type of surgery can have a placebo effect.

"If people believe that they want to marry and make this kind of thing, it is likely that they will succeed. The same thing with the money. It does not guarantee it, but the effect on convictions can improve the future."

For Miguel Ojeda, the palmist (person who reads the hand) and member of the Association of paranormal activities in Argentina, the reading of the hands is something that people seek to know about their future, so it is no wonder that there is people who try to modify it.

"We had never heard anything like this before, but it is normal that someone wants to change their fate in some way," explained Ojeda to the BBC.

However, he clarified that any alteration in these lines, either artificial or circumstantial, if reflected in the life of the person in the future.

"A cut, wound, leaving a vibration that somehow affect a person." Now, when it does so deliberately, we don't know what effect might have", he said.

For plastic surgeons, an operation there, in addition to dangerous, does not have any results.

"A laser through the Palm of the hand is very risky, because there are tendons that can burn and hurt. "In addition to lines that are there are impossible to delete", you told BBC World Carlos Enrique Hoyos, President of the Colombian society of plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery.

Although the hand is one of the parts of the body, near the eyes, where are most noticeable lines and wrinkles, such the majority of surgical processes are made at the top of the hand.

"Until it does not occur in a scientific event worldwide, it is very difficult to talk about. However, do not recommend for anything an operation that can leave a hand hurt forever", said Hoyos.

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