Vri Nnoise: June 2013

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tips to wear a leather dress

Leather dresses have become very popular, they are not recommended for use in summer time, but still if you want to use you should know that there are tips to wear a leather dress to perfection.

- Size: The fabrics are extremely tight leather, therefore it is necessary that the time to buy a leather dress choose one size up. This way you can be more comfortable and look better your figure, because if you choose a size less only get deface your body.

- Season: If you used a dress leather in the summertime pick a tissue which do not produce heat, but if you are in advantage of the autumn-winter season and wears a leather dress thick fabrics.

Looks day and night: There are numerous designs of leather dresses, these are suitable for day and night, just know that model to choose to wear an evening and what else to bring to a party at night.
If you want to create a casual looks out of day chooses a dress in nude or camel tone.
In case you want to wear a leather dress for a night out choose a design in black and pair it with a leather botinetas.